Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Trust for the Mature Christian

If you consider yourself a mature Christian it is because you have been following the Savior Jesus Christ for some time. You most likely attend church faithfully and have read and reread your Bible. Spending time in prayer alone or with others is important and you are most likely serving in some capacity in ministry. 

Have you finally arrived? Do you have it all together? Is everything around you perfect and running smoothly? Are all your friends and family saved? Asking these questions helps us realize we are not a finished product. We are still needed in Christ's mission and there is much to be done.

It is easy to fall back, not trusting the Lord, because our immediate surroundings may be troubled or unstable. We become fickle when it comes to trusting in the Lord. We have expectations that everything should be perfect and easy. This wasn't true for Jesus' disciples and they were taught directly from Him!

Fortunately for the mature Christian, we are able to look back in our memory banks, remembering the numerous times we witnessed the Lord performing His works and His ways. Drawing from past experience we can minister with compassion to others going through similar trials. Others are strengthened and so are we.

Walking through challenges, circumstances and trials may seem overwhelming, unreasonable or impossible. We are pressed to find the Lord, which enables a deeper relationship, that is more satisfying and fulfilling. Searching the Word for direction, praying, asking and listening we receive bigger and better ideas.

The Lord challenged me and my husband to let go of our family home. In obedience we sold our home not knowing what to expect. We wondered if the Lord wanted us to move from the area. Was He calling us to be missionaries? Surprisingly we were lead to buy a larger home in the area, which didn't make much sense at the time. A few years later the Lord called us to start a home church. We certainly had enough space that included a long driveway with lots of parking space. Months later, our new founded church, moved into a building and we sold the house. We moved three more times before settling in a townhome. The Lord taught us to keep a light touch on the things of this world. He taught us that our home is a temporary dwelling place and correlated this to our bodies. We grew a greater understanding of the eternal soul living as if our bodies were a mere tent, that is easily moved from place to place, with the eternal destination heaven. Experience gave us the necessary maturity to understand trusting the Lord in all our ways. 

I can now better understand the psalmist;

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped, therefore my heart exults, and with my song I shall thank Him." Psalm 28:7

Our past experiences have taught us to trust and obey. There is nor better way to live. We can truly say that as you follow the Lord Jesus there is never a dull moment. Continue to allow the Lord to lead you. It isn't over until the day the Lord calls us home to His eternal paradise. What an exciting day that will be!

Take aways:

* Evaluate your relationship with Christ

* Do you follow His leading?

* Be a person of prayer, reading His Word

* Use your experience to help others

* Praise Him for His faithfulness

* Trust and obey


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  1. He is our constant companion in all things happening. He is my trusted confidant.